Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pearl - In Touch With The Culture

               Some people are not sure or do not know the gist of Taiwan and China. Some feel they are the same in culture and some even think there are exactly the same. Well simply put, Taiwan is it's own country and is run by it's own government. Despite Chinese culture had influence and even more during the Cultural Revolution when many Chinese Nationalists had fled, taking precious artifacts and other treasures to the island of Taiwan.
               This history, you may know. But one of the beautiful surprises of this country are the indigenous tribes. All unique and colorful in their way. The Ami, Truku, Atayal, Tao, Bunun, Hla'alua, Paiwan, and many more! Some even have their own dialects aside from the common Mandarin and Taiwanese languages spoken. They wear brilliant colored cloths with reds, yellows, greens, adorned with beads, feathers and patterns. While I was still living in Taiwan, Friends and I spent a day in a cultural park in Kaohsiung where I could get more involved. We could make our own glass beads and put on traditional Clothing and temporary tattoos of the aborigines. Out of all of the tribes, the Ami have to be the most known out of the country. Maybe you have heard the "Elders Drinking Song". You may not recognize the name of the song, but if you here it you might have the same recollection I did. I had definitely known of it before, but never had a clue it had anything to do with Taiwan, until I moved here and actually saw dances for it and danced them myself!
               At a later time I also traveled with a group from my hall to Hualien and other beautiful areas. We practiced even more traditional dances with some of the friends there. The dances are fun and interactive. You dance with a whole group and it's for all ages! You usually hold hands in a circle and use simple steps to go around together. Our worldwide brotherhood is truly diverse and colorful!

This year, on November 2016, there was an international convention in Kaohsiung. My parents had the privilege of being delegates and my brother, who currently lives in Taiwan could have a share in hosting, I would love to share a few pictures from them as well in this blog post.
Unfortunately I was not able to go to this big event. My life had turned in a different direction before this time and another adventure was unfolding for me. This story and more are coming up in my future articles ;)

Now, how about you? Were you able to participate in this special event? If so, you no doubt enjoyed the show of dress of the hundreds of Aboriginal brothers and sisters. Whether you did or did not have a chance to go to this assembly, maybe you've been to another international? I would love to hear about it or to hear of any other special jewels that have affected your heart <3. Look forward to hearing your comments below!: D


Making beads



Amis dancing

photos from my parents

My parents trying out the aboriginal style!