Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jasper - Wonders Of The Past

       I never saw myself as someone who loves history. Actually it can be kind of boring. I guess it can get that way because with certain types of history, we find ourselves unable to relate to it. The past way of life and thinking is different . Or we just had boring history teachers. nevertheless, though, history is important. to know why things are the way they are. And as witnesses learning our spiritual history helps us to further appreciate our identity as Jehovah's servants. History can also be fun ! Especially when you get to experience things first hand. 
        In my next journey, I was able to explore the history of the Incas. Our travels to Peru, I will admit, was for adventure. Since it was so close to Bolivia, we could not resist to make a trip across the border. We were able to immerse ourselves in learning about the ancient world of the Incan civilization. Peru is home to many of the Incan ruins and to one of the wonders of the ancient world, Machu Picchu. Truly a breathtaking experience. 
         My brother and I traveled by bus, on long and winding roads, from Bolivia into and throughout Peru. Carsickness can come easily. We also had terrifying moments of car breakdowns, power outages happening throughout the entire island of Puno, for example, and even having to drive through a strike (very dangerous) in the middle of the night to head towards Cusco. All this, in the meanwhile always being surrounded by strangers from various countries. My brother and I traveled like gypsies, catching whatever bus came along and making all our arrangements last minute, or at the moment !! What a crazy adventure it was, but so glad I did it. Not sure I'd recommend this way of traveling. I am thankful I had my brother with me at all times. 
        As I had mentioned, our first stop was in Puno, the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. It is very touristy and this country in general, compared to Bolivia, is pricier because of that. We were able to travel to Cuscooooooooooooo, see Machu Picchu , and go all the way to the capital of Lima. There are many ruins within and in between these cities.
          In Lima, we enjoyed visiting Bethel and the Chinese congregation. This congregation was the most studious in the Chinese language I have ever seen.They really know how to immerse themselves. There were brothers and sisters that had only been attending meetings for a year and were already reading Chinese characters and speaking as if they had learned for years. I was a little embarrassed, since I felt I was still at beginner stages. My Chinese was nothing compared to theirs. to my defense, though, (need to make some excuses every now and then :P) these brothers and sisters had Chinese classes every week and are encouraged to learn characters as soon as they join the congregation They have tests and practice sessions and speak the language to one another as much as possible There were two missionary couples and two single special pioneers in that congregation, as well. So they were very focused group of learners and preachers. For those who would like to consider serving in the Chinese field in another country, other than traditional choice of an Asian country, I highly recommend Peru !!! 

Eating Alpaca -! It was delicious !!!

Trying on the traditional outfit of the Cholitas






Bethe Branch in Peru


Tasting CUY (Guinea Pig), tastes like chicken :! P

Chinese Congregation, Lima Peru