Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bolivianita - Home Of The Cholita

 <Do not miss part one of the Bolivianita jewel's story Keep scrolling down if you have not seen it;.)>

            One thing that surprises me is how diverse regions can be. La Paz, Bolivia is on the opposite side of the country from Santa Cruz. The weather is cold and can be a little gloomy, being higher in the mountains and therefore, higher in altitude . Many get altitude sickness and for my firsts days, I could not run. Just walking normally left me out of breathe. Those visiting La Paz need to take things easy, as your body needs to adjust to climate change,
            Some Time the after resting, my brother and the I enjoyed traveling to Coroico. Coroico is known for the famous death rode you can take to reach it. We were also able to go to the Bolivian side of Lake to Titicaca on our way Peru. There are so many unique natural creations in La Paz, Copacabana and Coroico
              We were a little nervous on our ride to Lake Titicaca, going into Peru. We went backpacker style! No plan and no clue what we were doing. I'm not sure if I would recommend this, but it added to our joy as if on a true adventure. I would never have done it alone, so I'm glad my brother was by my side. We took each day as it came.
              It was just my brother and I, trusting random strangers along the way to help us get to the next destination and saying prayers with each decision we made. We went from bus to boat to other buses going around and through the huge Lake, which seemed like an ocean. At one point in the trip, we found out that right next to us the whole time was one of our dear brothers and his wife. Jehovah truly took care of us.




Out in service

Traffic Zebras
Help the streets of La Paz stay safe!

With our Wonderful Host Family



Muela Del Diablo


From bus to boat! To bus again!



Copacabana Bay

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bolivianita - Whatever Language Comes Out

           <To clear some confusion, I would like to point out that this trip took place during the end of 2013. This blog is about my experiences, my jewels, in traveling and service. I would like to finish giving a brief description of the past experiences before continuing in describing my present situation. I hope you enjoy each of these Jewels.>

         So I fell in love. And it was with a language I never even thought of before. CHINESE! Am i crazy ?! Probably ... But, I still had an attachment to the Spanish field. Ever since I graduated High School I wanted to visit Bolivia. I had planned so much but nothing ever worked, until I found out a friend of mine moved over to the country, in the city of Santa Cruz. I made plans to visit her and the Chinese group in that area.
           I was able to learn so much about acceptance in this trip. Acceptance of others and as well as yourself ...... If that makes any sense. Which is one great reason to explore the world around you. Even if you can not travel the world, outside your country, or even outside your hometown, you can learn these things from even widening out in your own congregation, circuit, district! Every new area you are able to go to, every new person you meet, makes you not only appreciate life and others more, but just in general, understand things in a whole new light.
            You can think of how you grew up ... your whole life, learning about only the culture within your family or circle of friends. Then, if you travel somewhere with a different culture, it can really blow your mind to learn that others are brought up in a completely different environment.You need to have an open mind, and can never really compare every aspect of one place to another. Things can be different or outside of your comfort zone, but you have to accept many things that you may not be so happy about at first. It helps not to be so judgmental of others. So, even though, I admit, the environment in Bolivia at times was very tough, in the end of the trip, I could appreciate the important things so much more.
            One thing that stays the same though, is the truth. Our worldwide brotherhood is truly amazing. No matter where you go or what culture you immerse yourself into, the pure language and the love shown towards you is always the same, And that can make any new, weird, or even uncomfortable circumstances of being somewhere new all worthwhile.
              My brother and I traveled together in this experience. And I can not be thankful enough for the hospitality shown towards us by many of our brothers and sisters.
             We also had a wonderful experience spending time with a missionary couple. We stayed with them for a few days, and joined ourselves to their schedule. It helped us to appreciate sooo much more, the sacrifice that all our dear friends in special service put into Jehovah's work. We woke up very early, read the Bible together, First thing! then out in service all day. Came home and took care of housework, or other important duties, additional studying, research, off to bed and the next day start over. Of course we were able to share in recreation with them as well. This missionary couple are very balanced in their daily schedule and routines. It helped me to see how much better I can organize my own personal schedule to increase my service even more , and get the most out of personal study / research. It really is all about being organized and then loyal to your schedule!
Now, the Chinese group ..... It was in need of help, like all Chinese groups and congregations all over the world. We had loads of fun in service, speaking to Chinese people in a Spanish-Chinese mix (Chinglish ?? Espanchino ??). And all this coming from my English brain. It was like having a language tornado in my mind.
In general, I'm glad to have had this experience! Please enjoy the pics!


Santa Cruz

Bolivia has many folk dances, all unique and super fun!

Met a sloth 
Colorful souvenirs made with Traditional cloth

 New and Delicious Foods



Showing the Caleb videos everywhere we went!

meet market witnessing

Crossing the river to get to isolated territory


Kingdom Hall
Meetings held in the back of this home

Kingdom Hall / Missionary Home Remodel


Service! Stuffed in back of a litte

My bro conducting Chinese Bible study

Saying bye to a Bible study who is now being taken care of by
a Japanese sister serving in the area.