Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Diamond - Brighter and Brighter

            As you saw in the previous posts and pics, So much progress in the field in only my first year of being in Chinese. Congregation split in 2, and now we were on our own starting over as a new congregation in Orlando. A group in gainesville was formed. Then even our circuit was split in half once and we would soon find out that it would split Again! One hour drives to the meeting were reduced to about 25 minute drives. Assemblies that moved previously from New Jersey to Michigan, were no longer in Michigan but would be in Texas, so now that was a double split! This was all great news that sprung up during the early months of 2013.
The work here in Orlando had only just begun. We still had thousands of Chinese addresses to explore in our own city, not including the rest of our territory outside of Orlando.
           Now after all this excitement and a few months after our last assembly in Michigan, we heard we would be hosting a Pioneer School Class in English for the Chinese field here in Orlando! How amazing it was to share in helping out those two weeks while brothers from all over the USA came to enjoy their special school. We had brothers and sisters form Chinese groups / congregations in other parts of Florida, also Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, and many other states.
           Even though it was not my pioneer class, I was able to learn so much from the experiences in talking to these friends in our circuit. It was very encouraging to meet many who are in the same struggle learning the language. There were also a few native Chinese speakers that were able to share such valuable experiences in what convinced them this was the truth. This definitely helped me to learn what points to bring up in the ministry, since this field is so unique! Many do not even know the contents of the Bible, and the idea of ​​God is so abstract.
           The way you approach the truth in service is completely opposite from what you would do in a Spanish field, where everyone loves and respects the Bible. And do not forget, we have to do it all in Mandarin now!
It really is like learning how to preach all over again.
So for me, these moments in the Chinese circuit continued to burst with many jewels to cherish. Many opportunities to grow as a person, and most importantly, as a preacher.

Here's some pics of the adventure from early 2013 till about September of that year.

Before these historical words were painted over

Last assembly in Michigan

With the Shi family! 


Eating dinner with one of the instructors 

Twin day :? P

Servin the sweets

Pioneer School pic on a cake 

This is the Ling family. They all study together with my Dad.
They are very united. Even when only one of the members of the family is
asked to read the BT book paragraphs or scriptures out loud,
they will ALL read together in unison !! We've explained to them that's not necessary,
 but they continue to do so to this day. No harm in reading together, I guess :)
They faithfully study every week and the kids try to go to as many of the meetings as they can.


At the MET Museum ready to take 'The Woman and the Seed' Tour

Our Assembly Hall in Jersey


From Orlando Cong. And Gainesville group

New releases (2013)

This is where my parents got married

A Tour Through Time


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Amethyst- One Day Adventure

       There are so many open doors in a foreign language field. One of them is the travel! It can get pricey, but what my family and I have learned is planning is everything. We have to really save and be reasonable on the things we spend before assemblies. 
        Only after a few months of being in the Chinese field, our circuit had split and our circuit assemblies were moved from New Jersey to Michigan. So that year our assembly was held in Michigan. We were now 2 circuits in the East side of the USA, sharing the same C.O. Little did we know this was just the beginning of great growth that would happen within the next year that followed. Aside from feeling spiritually refreshed from the information during assemblies, it is a great motivation for us to continue in our Chinese learning and service. 
      My overall favorite gem about this aspect is we get to make friends all over the country! Dear brothers and sisters making the same sacrifices and in the same journey as us! For example, we made a little side trip to Canada for a day and while touring the Bethel branch there, we met 2 sisters in our Chinese circuit from Iowa. What a coincidence! The day trip was a little tiring but definitely worth it! It was very special to see the Canada Bethel Branch, where all our literature is now printed. 


Canada Bethel Branch

Our group from USA Chinese congregations and our tour guide

Sisters serving in a Chinese Congregation in Iowa.

Where our publications are printed

Niagara Falls

With the Di4di4

A beautiful and eventful day.