Thursday, March 6, 2014

Emerald- A Change in Rythym

      There were two other places I visited in Colombia that held a few more jewels for me to find. Baranquilla and Bogota. These cities are so different in many ways. Baranquilla, which is a few hours from Cartagena, was my mini vacation get-away area while I was temporary living in CTG. It was still by the coast, with a hot climate, beaches and beautiful scenery, I enjoyed many memories with great friends and of course, took awesome pictures.
      Now Bogota is freezing cold and as soon as I arrived to this capital of Colombia I felt like I was in a different country all together. Different accents as well as personalities. In addition, this is where the Colombian Bethel branch is located. Brothers from all parts of the country traveled to Bogota that year because it was the first year they held an English Assembly in Colombia. I'm so glad I was part of that special moment in history. It was the cherry on top of my whole trip. This was the end of my Emerald adventure.


Chinese group in Baranquilla


First English Assembly in Colombia :)

Bethel in Bogota, Colombia

With Bonnie 

Hortensias. These beautiful flowers are all over this branch.

Famous tree on the rock.

Floridians reunited in Colombia!

Parque Jaime Duque

I was too tall :/


Parque Piedras del Tunjo