Thursday, February 20, 2014

Turquoise- A Taste of Paradise

When I was in Ecuador, it was like I had a preview of paradise. Coming from the states, you can definitely live like a queen, with a modest income, and the preaching work is just amazing there.  It is just gorgeous! In that one week I felt like I was in a dream. Walking through the places our huge group went, I would stop, look at the beach, and just be in awe that I was there. Life there is very calming and simple. The feeling was so surreal that it is hard for me to explain in this blog. I truly felt like I got a taste of paradise. I went with a group of brothers and sisters from Colombia. We made the trip there because, at the time, it was the only English convention in the area, so the English group from CTG was zoned to go there. We were able to visit Guayaquil, Puerto Lopez, and Puerto Cayo. So we pretty much stayed around the coast. After the weekend of spiritual food we enjoyed what it seemed like a week long party! With many gatherings in these different cities and some adventurous bus rides, it was all just so much fun! Many compare this time to a mini international convention because there are so many there from around the world. Overall, this trip was a real gem in the sense, practically all of the brothers and sisters that I had met are truly serving with their whole heart, whole mind, and whole self for Jehovah. You hear of  the experiences, the sacrifices, and of course the blessings. I saw in many ways how Jehovah truly takes care of those who put him and his Kingdom first. This opened my heart so much and pushed me to be even more motivated in his service. Seeing many examples of missionaries, special pioneers, regular pioneers and even other publishers with a zeal that is very hard to find in other places. There are many many many "need-greaters", so you just feel the high spirit constantly. They are so focused but yet know how to have fun. Most of all, I got to see how much a person can truly sacrifice for greater things. That no sacrifice is truly too great compared to all the blessings that are received in return.

Arrival in Guayaquil

English Assembly

Group from Cartgena, Colombia

Enjoying the night after the convention

Visiting Bethel

Service with beautiful scenery

Whale watching!!! Awesome experience!

Our mode of transportation? Why not!

We learned the hard way what are the best bags to
 use when traveling :P

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